“ Historic Nye Beach is charming with an eclectic mix of restaurants, galleries, hotels, rental condos (we've done both), easy beach … November 5 – Guy Fawkes Night in England (celebrations) 3. June to October: it is “winter“, with winds, and possibly rain, blowing on Best Beaches in United States in November Kua Bay, United States. Temperatures at California Beaches in November Typical temperatures for beaches along the Pacific Ocean in California during the month of November are listed below. The tables give monthly … Hapuna Beach State Park, United … This is when you can feel the cool breeze without the scorching heat of the sun. Resorts. ¨XB,Y&–DÑAÀÃDÌL]“¤òzéHõ=\6YF¡ÁM©ðˆ#/aK¦ ؍§©3À¬I]å¬"‘°„l. Tenerife. The 12 Best Beach Towns to Visit This Fall. In addition to lounging in the sand, check out the … By Country Living Staff. )�JH�i1@/�Ȳ����� gh18 7� … November 1 – All Saints' Day (major public holiday in most European countries) 2. Updated: July 24, 2019. 1. The horseshoe-shaped, secluded Hanalei Bay is the best beach for swimming and lounging on the golden sand, but if you want to get out on the water, sign up for one of the four-hour … zˆmB¸ -^H’Ò`É‚@ã.Ô ®º,W‡a¾W ÚbšWïS¹ª[Ìk0«÷ÛyÃÕ¯`ÿ涯ŽÌnë»kæ¸ H÷º]ßùØ[½ÛÙÙë´Û­öþÞöîöÞv…S‰êcê@Û?Û:«–Ê>e}ÛaU)ñ&ü\Õm 1—W#B[pð¡\ºÐþÆææa!JÁè®ßƒ5 Üò^Zâyø¦™ÔiÑk4,> / ó,øÚ7n™0rLTW.\.Tˆc›tT The 15 Best Destinations for November Sun. Best Beaches in the World in November Port Sudan, Sudan. ��IaZ⻎�^�d!���#�0��Ć�9� dfA���&��e�1 L����� z�� &�J�(�[o��1��)D%e)| ��! World’s Best Beaches November. “ Excellent restaurants for any meal, beach oriented shops, and the beach walk has a memorial for the Vietnam war, and whale skeleton for environmentalists. November is the best time to go to the beach. November is a good time for Italy as long as you aren’t planning on beach days (and Spain is too cold for beaches in November as well). November 11 – Armistice Day in France (major public holiday) 5. The 10 Best Places to Visit in November Whether you want to take this month to explore an iconic American city or escape the cold for some much needed R&R in the Caribbean, here are our … "�m��8*��樉%�) ��(8�oL�c�1�+�=��a���=�����r�#���л6}� Ocean Front Walk is like a 3-ring circus in the best way. �VYL��y�Ft��u��囟��ia�����N9�\�{��}h�`������N�_��>B��=>E�s�rU�//��~�"�hy��N7�K�,���[�����Na��L���' ���0�*�5�u��jv� 3v��k�̯G��8���#zVm�p}�B�x�jc�؎�1�р��0�$�u��uD8�c���?�� �(�������p܋�NMR�m���΄Ts.�A���X$׺��}��S4���y&�Rxm�"�uEU�B^m� ʤ|^�ś�ev�SL��B9��?T-���F !�E{̲�ћ��[���Q�V�L�*��N��Ēޘ�(n�Fq �v�p,�b�Nv���T�.�e⦐� %O\j0/�q���oSEE|�B� ����촁�U���ѩ����;�T��v�H�H&��e��f��. r���M��b�(@2�Ƨp��kw���A5&���ne�='n����GǚF���|�T:m�V�4K�Z�{()K2S�����L�����23��'��S;��< � Sep 19, 2018 Getty Images. Located in … 4. The average … Hermosa Beach. The average maximum daily temperature is 30° which is very warm and perfect for sunbathing. Weekdays also typically offer cheaper nightly rates at the few in-town boutique hotels and … Check out the most exciting beaches that we had prepared for you. In early October, South Padre Island hosts Sand … Ђp�֩B�M�;��@11�h�b�H�T���"=���&~h�#�f[�g�l�A�A�GM{@-��u�W��}e�m����o�N.&f0��Q� �t=dQ�UR�����T�SL�������"�x�q|�jU��#�h�T #RR���A�_o\���G��=sxi�����PӬ_�C��{��{���[�֣ﺞRӎ�?���G�"���܇�DH̩zV)[|����C�a�G� )� �t�������&3��IÇOz�1qn�7�4:ڠ�{ p@�"��Wk����5����I���}C=r�+�t�Q��� ������j��/ۿcus@j�Jϧ�5 � �4�y%I���LV�p�np�4d�:�8� P�f��>�}X�n����˟��q ��Aolu���0�E:7���7 ��3:���v��l����j�:hTw���9����~���jR�M���f8}u���ڀ�H������ F�DEg ހ\��x��u�Yߢ> U��������E���Pฤ�� ����x���G� �a+V+�Œ(D�ȿ�k���B^���� ����ct4U4���%�dY YTL�!���{\T$א� �\s�=@2�V� *n)�!X�6� Ka’anapali Beach is the most popular for its clean shores and easy access, but you might not see another soul … Marrakesh. 1. 5. By Ann Vanderhoof, and Rebecca Kinnear. The Best … South Australia. This 35-mile stretch of beach boasts an incredible 361 days of sunshine per year, so you’re pretty much always guaranteed a beach day. Max temp: 20C Flight time from UK: 2 hours Time difference: +1 hour. Lahaina features eight beaches that you can access without leaving town. One of the most famous beaches in Florida, Clearwater Beach is lined with powder-white sand and crystal blue waters. ʶIs�e���w�!”2��Ni�`��`n���%�)p������!�z �l����JI�3&��d�ȟq�ȟ%��1�cz.�;u�͌&p���q"E��zl� ۣ��;�Σr�B�� Latest. 10 Best Tropical Places to Travel in November for Warm Weather Published on June 15, 2017 at 8:16 am by Sieni Kimalainen in Lists Share Tweet Email Algarve is Portugal’s southernmost region and is an area noted for its beautiful beaches and golf resorts. From Daytona Beach on the Atlantic Ocean to St. Pete and Clearwater Beach on the Gulf, temperatures in November are slightly cooler than on Florida's southern beaches. � �5:B��}�z�6����S`�N-OLɒ-ߥ9��4m��_�Nfvw�?H�$���bYm�}�E�˝'�k�U�L9�d7H��u�� H��������������խ��/bQ{�ј�a�F�Z9�����z>:Z�-.����B��[��T?s�. More Caribbean. 3. Related: 10 … ̞�4�w���軗f�V�9c�i&�m hsX��NBYy*i4zk9;� �@� Ρ�Y �,6� �CHy��#� ��J�m�O9�+s��>�hZ����!0O�-lLr6'n�ѓZ:F* �?�U ky�Q^Y^A{��4By�@-x������ۗ��+���O:����3ՠ�i�az ׂ^7r,ݎv.���o!ԓ!�� T�� �b�0�z�M�G7؀�Vu?�MH���w6NN�5c��JY/���LdE�i��8Ⱦ�u��c�:^��}� 0����_���L���;�('��e�;��IK�Di� Z�9��_?�h��e8;�:�����ՎsMF�V��d Sometimes dismissed as one of the Mediterranean’s less imaginative ... 2. Enjoy the beautiful weather before winter comes with one of these autumn vacations. Non-resident beach parking is limited; you may have the best luck finding spots during the week. They … November 17 – Sinterklaas arrives in Amsterdam (family celebrations) 6. Just a mile and a half long, this beach is popular with surfers thanks … November 17 – Velvet Revolution Anniversary in Cz… The city of Hermosa Beach gets into the holiday spirit with a Sandsnowman Competition on December 10. What was once only tiny fishing villages perched on the cliffside overlooking the … �ڍ�&���&�F�ݘ}��-b�f`RK����PIK! South Padre Island is one of the best beaches in the fall; in fact, fall is actually the best time to visit this destination on the Gulf of Mexico. The average maximum daily temperature is 29° which is very warm and perfect for sunbathing. Dunes Beach at the northern end and Francis Beach at the southern end are both great places to visit here. These are some of the best places to visit before the holidays begin. On the other hand, there are sun seekers who don’t want summer to end, and they can find the perfect beach in Grand Cayman, expected to be open for visitors in November. The fall season brings some of the best weather in this area, the perfect … y���}�XޭB��,�}����C~��A����97l�c�IC4�V��e���c�Gm�6A��<6�h(��h���>a41��wƍw`8���1�ICp��ʢKYt��#� �d��?j�0 &�#������o�c0���Ku�O��[�F��;�;Zsﶹ�B�����=�Cu@o��Λ�y=�9�wZ�;���fwS�=��=X�:ov7�f��~�e-#���6��$�����%8`��84����� �/ɣ� �]����$�]l�����Z0��?b,���~��8�Iܭ�M�n�cfס\�.AC�b.���,K!�B�BϏ��_r��=� dW�mи�7T��ͼ~26�����8E]������ƕ��k6�~�;=�������&��_l�|���իg?5�7���{���鰯uO�ked����0��Ի������m��e»�Ӈ��[)[�������� �iTġ��$n;��pHH=p���zo��0zfN8'���G5��? Beaches like Newport’s Sachuest (known by locals as Second Beach) become peaceful havens of autumnal atmosphere. Malta. As a rule of thumb, there are 4 seasons in Mauritius although the climate is always quite mild (over 20 degrees Celsius).Base on the season, few of the beaches may be very windy and have daily rain (usually in the afternoon) 1. The... State of Pernambuco, Brazil. Best Places to Travel in November. November 10 – Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday (major public holiday in some Muslim countries) 4. The Strand, a paved boardwalk that borders the beach… Temperature: 4°C high; -2°C low Season: winter Travel time from UK: 2 hours 50 minutes Time difference: GMT +0 November brings Iceland’s dark winter nights and, with them, the best … Los Angeles. Bondi beach, Sydney, east coast Australia, one of the best beaches in November. And personally, I think Italy is in the Top 2 for European food (along with France) and I’d put Spain in the middle of the list at best. Widely considered one of the best beaches in the US Virgin Islands, Trunk Bay is the pride of St. John, which was named one of the top Caribbean islands by Travel & Leisure. It’s winter temperatures average about 65 degrees with highs in the 80s.

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