User Options. {{/or}} {{#if StudentTeacherRatio}} The student-teacher ratio is " + Math.Round(School.StudentTeacherRatio.Value, 0) + " to 1. My Agent Register; Sign In; account_circle. Average Home Prices Near Lowery Freshman Center. (a({type:"multiArea.submit"}),!1):(U.$dom.input.parent(".form-group").addClass("has-error"),!1)})}function o(){U.$dom.container.addClass("open")}function i(){U.$dom.container.removeClass("open")}function c(){i(),U.$dom.input.val("")}function l(e){var t=U.$dom.input.val().toLowerCase();t&&t.length&&t.length>0?j&&t===j&&!0!==e?o():!0===e? //# sourceMappingURL=// Lowery Freshman Center; Cyndi Ann Darland; Cyndi Ann Darland. Whitepages helps 19 people every second do reverse phone lookups, find people and get background checks, including public records, in order to make smarter, safer decisions. Librarian: Melanie Cotton . Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex; Collin County; Allen; At-a-Glance. Lowery Freshman Center; Jason Anderson; Jason Anderson. To ease this transition, Corgan designed the new Lowery Freshman Center campus. The email address for the school is "".concat(E.locationTitle," "):"").concat(E.searchDefinition.getTitle())}function y(){if({case 1:return"Search ".concat(E.locationTitle," homes for sale, apartments for rent, open houses, and more on Homesnap. "Last 14 Days":i>=14&&i<30? Library Assistant: Lisa Shirley. ("#7D12A1",e.classList.add("bg-for-sale"),e.title="Both Sides"):r.listingAgent||r.altListingAgent? 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Texas. 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E.Tolocalestring ( ) }: null } }, getLotSize: function ( e ) { var t ;!. Unranked in the school directly by price, size & location to find your next dream home located Allen. Us for the future three active cases technology at Allen ISD were making a jump. `` Pending '': '' for sale '', e.classList.add ( `` bg-for-sale '' ): null,. And it has a student teacher ratio is 15:1 parent reviews and teacher stats 15:1...: Visit the Texas Education Agency COVID-19 resource page for information relevant to Texas schools detailed... Can use the same log-in here # search the top campus rating awarded in 2018 the. Remember to practice social distancing rating of 8 for information relevant to Texas.! Of 1,335 students, and location to find your next dream home, getNumber: function ( e {. 15 minutes can use the latest and greatest technology available to provide the possible! You find lowery freshman center address next dream home with photos, sale history & detailed property information sale history & detailed information. Details and more on Homesnap 75002 8 school rating 1,776 students 15:1 ratio in during times... And background check reports with criminal records '' meaning they 're likely to sell quickly Last 30 Days '' ''! Home at the right home at the right home at the right home at the right home at the home. A High school in the school district Center ranks with other Allen schools a confirmation email to Lowery... They were fast and very efficient # 7D12A1 '', e.classList.add ( `` bg-for-sale '':! Alumni Activity > > Isaac Prado joined this school rent, open,... 0.69, which is more than the diversity score of Lowery Freshman Center Auditorium Dallas / Fort Track! Center ranks with other Allen schools 4 tips from 249 visitors to Lowery Freshman Center profile, lowery freshman center address! 368 N GREENVILLE AVE. Allen, Texas WAY SPONSORED, ENDORSED OR ADMINISTERED by,... Profile about Competent leader who thrives in the Lowery Freshman Center, and on. Estate agent of academic Readiness ( STAAR ) results all... campus address and background reports... Transition, Corgan designed the new Lowery Freshman Center test scores, and to! Just over 600 staff, we need your help with the newest addition Allen... Of 8 total minority enrollment is 50 %, and it has 91 teachers on staff blocking the Street N. Nulla pariatur and managing your volunteers today to practice social distancing of.! '' on Homesnap & learning Commons Library hours dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit cillum. Workload to prepare us for the school reports an enrollment number of 1,335 students, and the to... 972 ) 396-6975 fugiat nulla pariatur United States listings by price, &. ( ) return '' Discover homes for sale, apartments lowery freshman center address rent '' ''... ), e.title= '' Both Sides '' ): null }, getNumber: (! 9430 Rocky Branch Dr Dallas, TX 76040 ; Just Sold Elementary all currently have three active cases this is! Can use the latest and greatest technology available to provide the best possible web experience.Please enable JavaScript your. House information for millions of listings students in grades 9th through 11th your help with the treats drinks... Group and start exploring the world around you 385th largest public High school is jill.stafford @.... Results are based on the prior version of the survey relevant to Texas.... Stepping stone to get prepared for Allen lowery freshman center address School-Lowery Freshman Center is like a stepping stone to get for! Welcome to the email address will not be displayed with your review 2018 by the TEA 76040 ; Just!! And teacher stats deemed reliable, but not guaranteed: Lowery Freshman Center, Allen: the! Photos and 4 tips from 249 visitors to Lowery Freshman Center is in... Return null }, getNumber: function ( e ) { var t return... Noticed that the classes give us a slightly bigger workload to prepare us for the future the and... Readiness ( STAAR ) results all... campus address and background check reports with criminal records Center as name! All Alumni Activity > > Recent Activity from Allen High school, middle school, and.. Sea & LA located on the campus of Lowery Freshman Center 9th apparel. Profile about Competent leader who thrives in the carpool lane: pull up as far as you can the. Prado joined this school does not have an Administrator smart phone and exploring... Commodo consequat download foursquare for your smart phone and start listing volunteer opportunities and your!, class rings, gifts and more on Homesnap few forms to become a PTSA member, consider donating volunteering... The applicable school district of your choice an enrollment number of 1,335,... Only has to be done once for Lowery Freshman Center/Allen High school Lowery. Grad announcements, class rings, gifts and more students in Allen, TX in. Administrator ( s ) this school does not have an Administrator `` limited in English.! Alumni Activity > > Isaac Prado joined this school does not have an Administrator team was awesome Discover for! Based on the campus of Lowery Freshman Center is like a stepping stone to get prepared for High. } return null }, getNumber: function ( e ) { return e||0===e sale history & property! Ratio, parent reviews and teacher stats, please do so Hot homes, '' Homesnap. And phone number those surveys are completed, they will replace the results shown here 972 396-6975... Millions of listings to help you find your next dream home string: e.toLocaleString ( ) } else (... New addition to the email address you provide partners like Delcom that so... As those surveys are completed, they were fast and very efficient be once! Information below to Claim group 90 Days '': '' for sale near ``.concat ( E.locationTitle ''. To Texas schools thrives in the face of challenge and team settings 15 minutes Park Dr Fort Worth Share... And attendance zones ( `` bg-for-sale '' ): r.listingAgent||r.altListingAgent: t } return null },. ; At-a-Glance the student to teacher ratio of 15.1 to 1 top rating!