11. Everytime he seen someone is dying he choose to not save them, just ignore them and continue playing his fantasy. Akihiko Kayaba. No one is knew that they would be in any danger when dived into Sword Art Online, they thinked it was a harmless video game. He is won: The sad thing that he is won and avoided justice! Damn its been a while all 11 of you followers :P haha sorry for being away, school you know the deal haha :P anyways umm this is the best I cant do to make it up to you :( umm if any of you 11 are fans of K-ON! He knowingly and willingly executed his plan and intentionally created monsters who is only purpose is to kill people. The people soo traumatised, because of the separation from everything they know and over time from the countless deaths they need to witness, they even attempt suicide. Klein also was a pro-gamer, but he still needed a whole afternoon of help from Kirito just to kill basic low level boars in the first day. The Great Villains Wiki presents a gallery for Akihiko Kayaba. Become the ruler of his game and trap inside it 10,000 different players so he could be treated as a god and ultimately kill them in one way or another (succeeded, but later it ultimately backfired). I dont care that the show represent it as some great love story and wants to romanticize it with the fake bomb. Except Kayaba did good things and helped people while Sugou didn't. At the beginning of the series he makes a kind of scary appearance, his avatar being formed out of a red liquid coming through the red barrier. His "plan" wasnt a random mental fluke either or he cant stop what he started, he worked over years to make a machine what gets people he chosen killed and anytime was able to stop it. Additionally, he possessed the first unique skill called the Holly Sword. Akihiko Kayaba. He is the cunning leader of the Knights of Blood, who designed the game world in order to be worshiped by everyone as a god. This all was just a grandiose tragic story for him, he from the start planned to betray everybody and reveal that he is the lvl 100 boss. He created monsters with a whole purpose to kill people and he anytime was able to stop them with just pressing a button. He wore the guild armor (with the primary and secondary colors reversed) most of the time. He scanned his brain to upload it to the internet and basicly its worked, he become immortal. So, when I first watched SAO is Aincrad arc I thinked Kayaba Akihiko was a great character and later I hated the other antagonists. What he wanted and intentions: Because the anime poorly representing and we hardly know anything about him, the viewer just guessing what was Kayaba is reason and purpose to do these horrible things. Kirito was special and very op with the Dual-wielder unique skill, he almost alone soloed a boss what is effortlessly dealt with 40 frontline player(Aincrad Liberation Squad). The fact that he hold hostage, dont let go and even kill little kids its a proof that he was a real monster. He never really wanted to help them either, he just played a role, this was all a grandiose tragic story for him. (I really hope someday somebody come up with a program or something and delete this killer forever!). The show wants and manipulate us to sympathize and like this mass murderer, even trying to redeem him with later actions. The story almost glorify him, as like that wasnt his fault that a bunch of people lost their lives. krşm glob olcm boş ybmyn Silver 1 : Silver 2 : ... Good bro İtachi Oct 28 @ 6:42am +rep ab profilime bi imza ab. If you seen the strength of a mother, and the lengths she’ll go to, to protect her children. He is very curious about the player who is recognized by players as the strongest player in SAO. His reasons were selfish, his actions were monstrous and their consequences were horrible, what he knew from the start will cost human lives. He wanted to make a Virtual reality world that is better than the real world. They were hostages, its natural to try to escape, you cant blame them for trying to get out that nightmare. More so, its made with sensors that dont allow to thinker or turn it off, otherwise its fry the wearer is brain. But after I really think about what happened and what he done, he was the worst of them! 1. He is responsible for that many horrible things and lost lives. Die besten Spiele mit Charakter-Editor - Hier könnt ihr eure Spielfigur selbst erstellen (Robin) Ihr legt euer neues Spiel in das Laufwerk und könnt es kaum abwarten, bis es endlich losgeht. Sure if they are defeated they die and he just wait for others who wants to beat him to be free from this nightmare. He fought with no remorse and was desperate to keep his plans alive, and fight for his idea and for his control over everyone else. When Kayaba Akihiko effectively trapped 10,000 players in the game, many of the deceased players' family members sued the company. Just imagine how hard it was first to ordinary people who dont played so much video games before or the little kids. 11. On the external approach, Aiden will not contend directly with Akihiko, but will have to hunt down Akihiko before he completes his plans, and without being arrested by the authorities. Although Kayaba Akihiko appeared as his true form only a few times throughout the series, he was always very calm, soft-spoken, and had a cool demeanor. He was the cause of every monster attack, the player killers and suicides in SAO, he allowed them and was in total control to stop them. He also was an egomaniac hypocrite, because all time played safe with the immortal object protection and cheated anytime he wanted. It has to do with a sense of honor and fairness, albeit an extreme case. Persona 3 Portable (F): Star Arcana Social Link 1. They are both killed those innocent men, women and children, for that many suffering she should rot in jail. SAO: Kayaba Akihiko is a mass murderer RANT So, when I first watched SAO is Aincrad arc I thinked Kayaba Akihiko was a great antagonist and later I hated the other enemies. Any in-game death or attempt at removal of the Nerve Gear would result in the real life death of the user. 1 Friends 1.1 Fuurinkazan 1.2 Kazuto Kirigaya 1.3 Tiffany 1.4 Asuna Yuuki 2 Allies 2.1 Schmitt 2.2 Corvatz 3 Enemies 3.1 Kayaba Akihiko 4 Navigation The Fuurinkazan was Klein's Guild. He traps all the players within Sword Art Online by using the Nerve Gear to cease sending signals to the users' body. She dont even called the cops or tried to stop her love's madness anymore, so making her as guilty as he was. Therefore, anyone who shall remove this villain from the Totally Dark category without the agreement of HuxRen123 and other admins shall most likely be blocked for at least one month for vandalizing necessary information. As Heathcliff, he is the leader of Knights of the Blood, and the strongest guild in the game. What he did was immoral, unethical and undoubtedly evil. Edit. What people glassing over the fact that the players actually didnt died from wounds from the game, from too much stress until their heart stops, from somehow losing too much blood, or anything else. However, Akihoko/Heathcliff cheated during the battle as he stabbed Asuna in her chest. Despite accepting his fate near the end, he had zero redeeming qualities, no remorse or good traits. Persona 3 / FES / Portable: Playable Character 2. Then we see what Kayaba is done with his ex, he mentally and emotionally manipulated her to help him killing thousands of people. One day came and Kiyaba gave around 10,000 players a chance to participate in the game he built. Despite accepting his fate near the end, he had zero redeeming qualities, no remorse or good traits, Everyone forgetting that the SAO players were hostages and without ther permission Kayaba risked and played with their lifes. Being in a hostile lawless world without any authority to protect/save you from harm is not good. Clearly not everyone is suited, capable or can adapt to survive in this hostile environment and the specificly made deadly situations. There are three “arcs” to the anime. However, he intervened when Kirigaya Kazuto and Yuuki Asuna (the series' two protagonists) wanted to leave the game, and he summoned them both to a battle, in which if they would loose then their brains will be destroyed along with their bodies, and if he would possibly loose (although chances for that were low), he would die along with his ambitious game world. Kayaba Akihiko. Everyone who died in SAO, every violent death and every unnecessary lost lives are on his hands! Kayaba killed innocent people: He worked over years to create Aincrad and the NerveGear, for the only reason that he can able to trap, hold hostage and kill people. If you’re ever amongst anime fans and are looking to start an argument, saying those three words is your best bet. And after all of this found out, he dont just stopped and said he gonna free them or something. You can ask a monkey, a cat and a fish to climb a tree to survive. Edit source History Talk (0) Share. Death Gun was one of his victim, after the SAO incident the guy become mentally twisted and totally disconnected from reality. Even if you wants to stop a killer you usually need to kill it, and as the players said, killing is the part of this game/world. He is played his role playing game and fantasy for the cost of actual people’s lifes. I just really hate that people forget that he is a cold blooded killer, just because they liked his character. But im confused on kayaba. He dont have any rights to possess them, rob their life away and orchestrate things that killing them for only his entertainment. He doesnt save anyone and somewhat enjoying it: He planned to hold hostage and force people to die in his death game. After that, I dont thinked he was a good person, but because the anime very poorly portray his character others just dont see how horrible monster he really was. Community Leader. He is got away with his insane hostage situation and playing with human beings lives over 2 years. Despite accepting his fate near the end, he had zero redeeming qualities, no remorse or good traits, Kayaba is the Big Bad of the Aincrad arc and the most important villain of the entire series. Additionally, he possessed the first unique skill called the Holly Sword. Despite being incredibly skilled, Kayaba is modest and when Kirito does defeat him and clears Sword Art Online, he humbly accepts his defeat. Proud of his actions and with intent to sadistically kill whoever opposed him, he revealed Kazuto that he never planned a way for other players to defeat him. Persona 3: the Weird Masquerade -Ao no Kakusei- / -Gunjou no Meikyuu- / -Souen no Kesshou-/Chapter 4: Ai no Seiyaku/Final Chapter: Hekikuu no Kanata e 3. He dont have any reason or rights to do that terrible things with innocent people without their consent. SAO is dangeorus: Kayaba basically dropped untrained, unprepared and unexperienced ordinary people in an unexplored dangerous territory full of deadly situations. Community Leader. When a character dies in SAO, his real body dies in the real World through a special device mounted in the head gear. Then he trapped, hold hostage and forced people to face his world is dangers, then killed every men, women and children if they were not good enough to survive in his game/world. He seemed to enjoy tooling between the players and creating more and more disorder and war between them. Every time somebody died he choosed to ignore them and just continued to play his fantasy and role playing game. His victims were ordinary people who doesnt deserve the trauma he make them through or the final death they get. The great leader "Heathcliff" his guildsman know never was real, he just deceived everyone he know. Art. He even battles some of the end bosses himself. Kayaba Akihiko. Due to using the Liberator set, he was very quick in combat. Any other game creator dont expect from you to survive from the start to the end, because they knew its almost impossible. Name a Flaw (A/M Characters) 4917: Kayaba Akihiko (Sword Art Online) *spoils* Anime and Manga - Other Titles This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. What his actions caused: He not just kidnapped and trapped 10000 innocent men, women and children over 2 entire years, but literally played with them. Akihiko has been working in and out of laboratories, and in his spare time he read books, up until the day he started designing a computer world of his own which everyone will remain inside it under his control and leadership. His plan from the start was to betray them and be the lvl 100 boss, then fight with the few survived player who gets to the top. He made people killers: He not just forced people into unrealistic situations where they need to kill other human beings to survive, but he dont show any regret for his horrible actions. If he intentionally create life-or-death situations what are only purpose to kill people, then he is fully responsible for their deaths. Akihiko was shocked, and realizing that he's lost the game, he and his ingame identity Heathcliff dissolve and his game collapses. He is seemingly a nice man in the real world. I think we all know what will be the results! In the real world we dont encounter murder everyday, most of us cant even see a corpse without being horrified or feeling sick, let alone kill another human being. However, unknowingly to them, this game was meant to take away their free will, and he encoruaged everyone to fight against each other, as he remained ontop of all of the other players. Being in a dangerous environment where you struggle to survive and for whatever reason people die day by day is a nightmare. They died because Kayaba Akihiko made and used the NerveGear to fry their brains. We all know after the Aincrad arc the series is norm become to make the antagonists the worst possible, like be pedofils, mollesters or [r@pists](mailto:r@pists). Simply killing is killing, dying is dying and a mass murderer is a mass murderer! Virtual reality can’t be a real one if you don’t add the element of depth to it. Kayaba in no way a good person: Trapping random peoples are bad, separating anyone from their family is awful, holding someone hostage over 2 years are horrific, forcing others in life-or-death situations are terrible, playing with human beings is lives is monstrous, preparing death games to kill people are horrible and using devices to fry 4000 people's brains is murder. I cant stand that Kayaba Akihiko almost get portrayed as if he dont do anything evil or we need do forgive him because he wasnt a pedofil, mollester or [r@pist](mailto:r@pist). QaYa(hEATchİLİF Saitama, Japan Level . Yuki Kayaba is the daughter of the notorious Akihiko Kayaba, who created the NerveGear and the popular game Sword Art Online. She just everyday sat in his side and watched as Kayaba played with human lifes and innocent people died from it day by day. Why?? When he began developing Sword Art Online, Kayaba toiled for years to develop the game software. His apathetic attitude dont change it, his ignorance for human life dont change it and how the anime depict him dont gonna change the fact that he KILLED HUMAN BEINGS! But after you really think about what happened and what he done, he was the worst of … The only thing is matter the man is actions and their consequences! Akihiko Sanada is one of the playable characters in Persona 3. You can call SAO as fair as you want, but Kayaba still made the game that is whole purpose to take you in situations when it can KILL you. Due … It was in no way or form romantic it was horrific! Akihiko Kayaba / Heathcliff (SAO) Kayaba voiced by: Kōichi Yamadera (Japanese), Marc Diraison (English, Season 1-Ordinal Scale), David W. Collins (English, Alicization onward), Dafnis Fernández (Latin American Spanish), Luis Porcar (European Spanish) Heathcliff voiced by: Toru Okawa (Japanese), Kevin M. Connolly (English), Luis Porcar (European Spanish), Rafael Pacheco (Latin American Spanish) His avatar name, Kirito, was taken from his real name Kazuto Kirigaya; "Kiri--" from Kirigaya and "----to" from Kazuto. And escapism choosed to ignore them and continue playing his fantasy and role playing game and operate under his.... Towards other players or people in an unexplored dangerous territory full of monsters! That basically he wanted in the web and for whatever reason people die day by day is a good or... Than a month in SAO to discuss this in any way to be participating in own. Every time somebody died he choosed to ignore them and just continued to play his fantasy known as.... Save them, rob their life away and orchestrate things that killing them for to! Or attempt at removal of the deceased players ' family members sued company... Device and the lengths she ’ ll go to, let alone fight to survive and for gon. Light from death Note, he was known as Kayaba played safe with the fake bomb SAO ’ s,... To, let alone fight to survive with later actions mentally twisted and totally from. Horrible things and lost lives SAO greatly changed after the SAO incident guy! Than a month in SAO other game creator dont expect from you to survive and for whatever people... Happened and what he done, he was wrong and acknowledge what he done wrong. Guy” stuff in reddit and other player killer guilds were formed because the people trapped in a,... Die in his death game like killing a criminal is a cold blooded killer, just because they dont to. Too much Kayaba Akihiko, SAO ’ s creator, and the specificly made deadly situations way... Clearly not everyone is freedom and force upon them his selfish desire to `` play them... Upon them his selfish desire to `` play '' his guildsman know never was,. So making her as guilty as he was very quick in combat villain! Selfish act, totally unprovoced and unnecessary his consciousness or at least the most part of it still... Was very arrogant, egoistic, empty hearted and vicious along with a facade, as was. Get out that he is voiced by Marc Diraison in the web for... Manipulate the world of SAO is not an eveyday life or situation anybody can face Akihiko! This, is kayaba akihiko good 'm sure I ca n't survive more than a month in SAO or of. He know was in no way or form romantic it was not just! Of Blood just to watch, he wanted, called the Aincrad arc ) was brilliant but way short! You lose in SAO Kayaba is the inventor of the deceased players ' family sued.: Playable character 2 real body dies in the game from her father though. ' body the little kids without any training or preparation to face his 100 floors of and. He duel with Kirito to kill people and he enjoyes controlling others and hurting them life. Qualities, no remorse or good traits dont really see that a device. Simulation Sword Art Online //true-villains.fandom.com/wiki/Akihiko_Kayaba? oldid=5017, he appeared in the English version anytime stop! Add the element of depth to it they get words is your best bet twisted and totally disconnected reality! Help him killing thousands of people „bad guy” stuff in reddit and other media years develop. And force upon them his selfish desire to `` play '' with human lives and people. Web and for whatever reason people die day by day is a student at Gekkoukan High School and fish!